Guess who’s back… back again…

Hi. Degree is finished. Website is off hiatus.

Articles will, as ever, be sporadically posted. I refuse to pander to the internet journalism mindset that quantity of articles is more important than quality. I will happily sacrifice a greater viewcount to stick to my principles.

I promise nothing else (yet).

Jen, a.k.a. MLIR

ps. FAO Britpop revival bands – whatever my angry 18-year-old blog posts say, I do not believe that all current music is devoid of value, nor do I advocate a Britpop revival. There’s a wealth of good music out there from the last few years – you’ve just got to look for it. (And no, Beady Eye, Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds and Jake Bugg do not fall into this category.)


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  1. Its about bloody time.

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